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VPhA Foundation Incentive Grants Program
The VPhA Foundation will award $1,000 to $2,500 project grants to provide seed money to help pharmacists explore and implement services that enhance their role as healthcare providers and improve patient outcomes.  Each project must be completed within one to two years. Successful applicants are limited to one grant per grant period (one to two years) from among but not limited to these project categories:

  • Caregiver assistance services
  • Collaboration with home health agency or personal care agency for improved medication management services for seniors
  • Collaborative practice agreements with physicians
  • Current medication lists
  • Drug abuse education
  • Health literacy and care of underserved populations
  • Healthy People 2020 Goals and/or National Patient Safety Standards advancement
  • Improved management of patients on high risk medications
  • Immunization clinics
  • Medication reconciliation at transitions of care
  • Million Hearts national initiative
  • Patient assessment and wellness clinics
  • Pediatric care pharmacy services
  • Pharmaceutical care in non-traditional areas
  • Synchronized medication compliance/adherence services
  • Senior care pharmacy services

 Current Incentive Grants 

$2,500 Grant: Project to assist patients in managing their hypertension through the Million Hearts® Initiative


Principal Investigator:
Kelly Oliver, PharmD

Jefferson Pharmacy, Palmyra, VA

View the Jefferson Pharmacy Million Hearts® Initiative video on YouTube

For more information on the Million Hearts® Initiative:


$2,500 Grant: Impact of a Diabetes Prevention Program Provided by Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists in a Collaborative Practice Setting


Principal Investigator:
Lauren Caldas

Assistant Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, Richmond, VA

Evan Sisson
Associate Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, Richmond, VA


$2,480 Grant: Bremo Transitions of Care Program (BremoTOC): BremoBedside Medication Delivery and BremoTransitions


Principal Investigator:
Tana Kaefer, PharmD

Clinical Coordinator
Bremo Pharmacy, Henrico, VA

The Incentive Grants Program is intended to focus pharmacists’ attention on opportunities to augment their practices with expanded patient-centered services that result in measurable interventions and improvements in patients' medication therapy outcomes.  While the program's focus is patient-centered, the pharmacist's services are also intended to advance the practice of the profession of pharmacy.

Grant Requirements
Applicants must be currently licensed and in good standing with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, and actively engaged in pharmacy practice in Virginia.

Applicants must submit a completed Incentive Grants Application form with a project proposal narrative of one to seven pages with all required components as articulated below.

All grant recipients must submit a brief interim written report, and a final written project (the "Final Report") submitted in writing to the Foundation no later than three (3) months following the completion of the Project.  The "Final Report" shall include:
  1. all aspects of the development, administration, findings, evaluations, conclusions, detailed expenses, and applicable invoices and receipts; and
  2. a final written summary suitable for publication in the VPhA journal or other journal and/or presentation at a VPha meeting.
Grant recipients will share their experiences with pharmacists and other health care providers in a publication and/or presentation format that clearly shows the outcomes of the expanded patient-centered services and how these services aid in both improved patient care and the advancement of the profession of pharmacy.

Use of Grant Funds and Payment
Grant funds may be used for direct costs, indirect costs, overhead, salaries, consultant fees, technical services, and/or administrative expenses associated with the development and implementation of the project described in the Incentive Grants Application and project proposal narrative, including the proposed budget.

A partial half payment will be made upon receipt of the completed Grant Acceptance/ Agreement form executed by the grantee and VPhA Foundation officials. The final half payment will be made within sixty (60) days upon receipt of the "Final Report" submitted in writing to the Foundation no later than three (3) months following the completion of the Project. 

Application Process
The application process requires a completed Grant Application form (click here to download) and project proposal narrative.  The project proposal narrative should not exceed seven (7) typewritten pages containing these components:
  1. Project title and general description, including the problem, needs, or issues to be addressed
  2. Objectives and evaluation strategy, including measurable interventions and improvements in outcomes, to determine if objectives are met
  3. Project methods
  4. Timetable for implementation and completion (one to two years)
  5. Key individuals who will be involved in carrying out the project
  6. Budget, include total costs and justification

Review Procedure
Upon receipt, applications will be reviewed and approved by the VPhA Foundation Grants & Programs Committee for completeness, significance of the project to patient care and pharmacy practice, clarity of objectives, design, adequacy of available resources, evaluation strategy, reasonableness of the budget, and probability of completion.  All applicants will be notified of request(s) for additional information, approval, or rejection.  Successful applicants will receive an Incentive Grant Agreement stipulating the terms, provisions, and conditions of the grant.


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